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We invite you to partner with us in “giving back” as, together, we ignite awareness in communities Affected by Obscured Stress (CABOS).

C.A.B.O.S. is launching a community initiative program designed to empower persons impacted by the effects of PTSD, stress-related illnesses and social bullying, as the debilitating and negative psychological impact these “stressors” can have on its victims’ emotional and physical well-being is colossal… Incredibly, impacting families for generations to come!

Our organization merges art, entertainment and education aka edutainment, with vital resources to facilitate events to inspire hope and provide help for those facing incapacitating challenges and choices, both fostered-- and exacerbated by their socio-economic environments.

Through world-class learning, training events, projects, and resources for eradicating stressful conditions, community environments are created that establish new norms for healthy living.


In line with our mission and in collaboration with SC Pictures of Dallas, TX, we’re producing a movie entitled One in a Million.   This story embodies a critical and powerful message about courage and victory.  It brings into focus the daily life of a wife, her tumultuous experiences with her war-traumatized, PTSD inflicted husband, and how through a turn of events she's challenged to a boxing match with the undefeated and undisputed women’s welterweight world champion.  This empowering story of a one in a million chance to gain victory will inspire and encourage all who view it. 

We’re asking you to partner with us to bring this motion picture to life.  Your generous financial, tax-deductible support will directly go towards the production of a movie trailer for One in a Million, providing hope in a realm where dreams are too often never realized, while fostering unity and belonging in a community destined to dream again. 

We look forward to connecting with you.  If you’d like to speak to me or our team directly, please call 214-471-5505, or send an email to  

Thank you,

RG Newbill

CEO, CABOS Worldwide Entertainment

“The choices people make are the choices people have. If you don’t have access to resources or education or a safe neighborhood, you don’t have the choice to become healthy.” 

Let’s change this narrative, together!

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